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A lot of things are being said about Poppers. Most of it is true, some of it is just misinterpreted and you can read as many positive things as there are negative comments about it on the Internet. But the facts remain: Poppers increase physical pleasure and extend your orgasms. Our products were originally introduced as Aromas, Leather Cleaners or “Liquid Incenses”. In many online shops, they are advertised as legal highs, legal drugs or even “sex drugs”. The established fact is that their formula contains a mixture of “alkyl” nitrites which are legal. Most of the Poppers nowadays contain isopropyl, pentyle or isobutyl nitrite. Their consistency is liquid and filled in a 10 to 15 mL small glass bottle or a 24 to 30 mL larger one, square or round.

The most popular brands on the market are Rush, Push, Rush Ultra Strong, Jungle Juice, Man Scent and Amsterdam Poppers. Many new brands show up on the market with more or less exotic names and more or less decent contents. They come and go pretty quickly, meaning we advise you to do a bit of research as to where and in which online shop you order. In the Imprint, you can find all the important data about the seller. Suspicious and deceitful sellers have no imprint at all, which means you can’t know who you’re dealing with.

If you’ve already used Poppers, you know how they work. The various recipes and flavours offer different effects and intensities. Effects may vary from exhilaration to pure euphoria, pain inhibition, muscle relaxation and the increase of blood circulation, everything is possible. For this reason, we recommend that you try different formulas in order to find the perfect mixture for a journey to a world of happiness and better orgasms. Their duration varies from one Popper to the next and depending on the product, it can easily last up to 10 minutes.

There are many ways to make you orgasm. Possibly one of the best and most intensive means is offered by Poppers as we guarantee their chemical purity in our shop as well as a wide range and variety of products. We always have the most interesting sales, namely packs combining condoms, lubes and sex toys.