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    VIP Package†for†1 year free shipping in Germany.
    29.90 EUR
    incl. VAT. excl. shipping costs
  • VIP FAQs
      How does our VIP area work?
    • Add the VIP package to your shopping cart and get free shipping for a whole year!
    • Costs or obligations?
    • The VIP package costs a one-time fee of 29.90 EUR per year and all orders with a minimum purchase of 19 EUR are shipped free of charge. In addition, there is a 3% discount for the entire purchase per order for a whole year. There are no obligations or conditions associated with the purchase of the VIP package!
    • How long is the VIP package valid?
    • The validity ends exactly one year later from the purchase of the VIP package.
    • Can the VIP package be cancelled?
    • The VIP Package cannot be cancelled, it ends automatically after one year and is not extended. When purchasing the VIP Package, the customer expressly waives the 14-day right of withdrawal, as the service of free shipping is already provided with the first delivery.
    • How to extend the VIP package?
    • After one year you will receive a reminder by mail that your subscription has ended and you need a new VIP package. Put the VIP-Package back into your shopping cart and buy another year free of shipping costs with all advantages.
    • How does express shipping or cash on delivery work?
    • Express or C.O.D. shipments will be shipped without restriction as before, but not free of shipping charges.