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X Factor Enlarger Pump

39.90 EUR
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For many years now, X Factor Enlarger has been dominating penis pump test after test all over the world.

The extra large pumping cylinder provides your best pieces with plenty of room to grow in all directions. Its scissors handle is particularly easy to use. After attaching the pump, you only need to squeeze it to immediately start your suction action. The resulting negative pressure ensures fast penis enlargement without surgery and the best thing is, thanks to the transparent cylinder, you can watch your privates develop into an impressive dong. To ensure that the pump seals perfectly at the base of your penis, you can choose from 3 sleeves that provide a perfect seal according to your anatomy. Once you have reached the desired vacuum and want end your session, you can restore normal pressure by pressing the valve trigger. If you want to keep the achieved size for a longer period of time, you can of course choose one of the many cock rings from our range of products that will maintain blood congestion for intense sex adventures.

You'll find that your personal penis pump test will confirm your decision for X Factor Enlarger by Seven Creations.

Cylinder length: approx. 12.6" (32 cm)
Diameter: approx. 2.6" (6.6 cm)
Hose length: approx. 18.1" (46 cm
Material: acrylic glass, ABS
Color: clear, black


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