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The Guide to storing Poppers

Buying poppers from us is very easy - storing them correctly is easy as well!

Similar to your apartment, the same 3 things are very important for Poppers:

Location - Location - Location

In the original state, fresh from the Poppers Shop, protected from light and stored cool, it can be kept fresh for several years without any problems.

After opening it for the first time you should take a few things into account!

Make sure that the cap is screwed firmly and the vials are always placed in the refrigerator as the ideal storage temperature is between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius (36-46 F). Longer periods of storage at room temperature do not agree with the Poppers and it starts to disintegrate. This reduces both its effect and, consequently, your fun.

If you want to use your Poppers, take it out of the fridge in good time, as it can only take full effect at room temperature. This'll take between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

In the meantime you can learn more about "The history of Poppers".

So try to plan ahead and you will feel the full effect and enjoy it for a long time.

Then the right moment has come, so get cracking!

Please note that heating it up (e.g. in a microwave oven) is not ideal and can even cause the container to explode!

If you unscrew the lid too soon, the Poppers will not be able to unfold its full effect because the temperature is still too low. In addition, the nitrines in the bottle mix with even the lowest condensation moisture, resulting in the decomposition of these very nitrines. You will notice this within a very short period of time since a sulfur-like odor can be detected from the vial and the liquid begins to turn brown.

Remember that you should not transport your Poppers directly on your body, as it will not have the desired effect even when body warm. So please don't expose it to any other heat source either.

With ceramic balls (power pellets), located in the liquid of some brands, even the smallest traces of water are absorbed and thus the durability and freshness of the popper is ensured for a while longer. Should you notice a sticky substance on the bottom of the bottle, the pellets have dissolved and your Poppers was unfortunately not sealed airtight.

In short:

We usually decide quickly whether we can smell someone or not. The same applies to Poppers!

  • - Does it have a delicate fruity aroma, it's absolutely fine.
  • - If it stinks however (e.g. of rotten eggs), decomposition has already started and you should not continue using it.

You can trust your nose!


  • ✓ cool storage
  • ✓ store well sealed
  • ✓ let it warm up properly before opening
  • ✓ test the scent
  • ✓ enjoy

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