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The History of Poppers

From medicine to lust increasing nitrite Formula

Nitrite (ˈnaɪtraɪt)
any salt or ester of nitrous acid

Alkyl nitrites are related to another kind of nitrites originally used in medicine, having mainly been used on angina pectoris patients. This feeling of precordial anxiety was reduced by inhaling the aroma. You can learn about the invigorating effect that isopentyl nitrites can have on your body under "The effect of Poppers".

These room aromas soon found their way into the world's bedrooms because of their aphrodisiac benefits.

A predecessor of the Isopentylnitrite Popper was already available without a prescription in the USA in the 1960s, which resulted in a real run on the product. However, the drug soon became available only on doctor's orders.

By further developing the original components, completely legal active ingredients were created. These are almost in no way inferior to the original ones and are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays there are many established brands that promise the most diverse results with various flavours and mixtures.

A reputable publication from the United States, based on a variety of studies, is still considered absolutely reliable. Among other things, it says that inhalable nitrites are as close to real aphrodisiacs as it gets.

The name "Poppers" itself originates from a specific sound. When the ampoules (the predecessors of today's standard bottles) were opened at their predetermined breaking point, a soft pop could be heard.

Nitrite liquids are often used to clean leather or recorder components, but this is usually just an excuse to have these miracle products around the house.

Originally popular in the gay community, heterosexual couples began to enjoy the stimulating effect of isopentyl nitrites as well. Especially in anal sex techniques, the aroma provides painless pleasure. One will become more tolerant to pain, the sphincter muscle (= smooth musculature) will relax and in combination with the rapidly emerging aphrodisiac effect of the Isopentyl Poppers you will experience even more intense sexual excitement.

IMPORTANT - Then as now:

Poppers must never be inhaled or ingested! Keep the opened bottles at a distance so that they can unfold their effect in the whole room.

It is the customer who is responsible for the correct use of our products. Instructions for proper storage can be found in our article "How to store poppers".

All the flavours you can buy in our Poppers Shop have been thoroughly tested and are completely legal! This is the conclusion of a decision made by the British government in 2016.