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Tenga - Original Vacuum Cup US

by Tenga
16.90 EUR
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Enjoy the feeling of a super blowjob whenever you feel like it - with the Original Vacuum Cup US by Tenga. With its ingenious vacuum control and its exciting tunnel structure, the Original Vacuum CUP US ensures a breathtaking suction experience.

The US does not stand for "United States" or "Ultimate Suction", but for "Ultra Size", a 20% larger version than the Original Vacuum Cup. Ideal for those with a big or thick penis and for those who prefer an even stronger vacuum.

The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup US is pre-lubricated and pre-equipped with a filled lubricant ring at the opening. This makes it immediately usable at any time. Simply remove the sticker placed on the Air Hole, penetrate and you can control the vacuum with one of your fingers: from gentle to a love-bite-like power sucking.

Product details:
✓ Handy Single-Use-Masturbator
✓ Control of the vacuum suction with one finger
✓ Always fully usable
✓ Pre-filled lube ring
✓ Additionally prelubricated
✓ Smooth Pad insertion mechanism
✓ Non-toxic
✓ Free of phthalates

Insertion Depth: approx. 17,5cm cm
Insertion Width: approx. 6 cm
Material: TPE (Sleeve, Phthalate-free), PE (Casing), PU (Lubricant Ring)

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