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Tenga - Double Hole Cup US Masturbator

Manufacturer: Tenga
18.90 EUR
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Double the fun with the 2 in 1 Double Hole Cup US by Tenga. 2 different love holes provide for double stimulation and variety with only one cup!

One hole is super-tight, the other medium-wide. Both holes are typical Tenga very beautifully soft and lie exactly opposite. Slip into one of the two prelubricated holes, and enjoy the full Tenga-typical pleasure stimulation. Once you're done with one side, or you just want some new stimulation, just turn the cups. Heaven!

The US does not stand for "United States" or "Ultimate Suction", but for "Ultra Size", a 20% larger version than the Double Hole Cup. Ideal for those with a large or thick penis and for those who prefer an even stronger vacuum.

Enjoy 2 differently intense love holes - combined in one cup!

Product details:
✓ Handy Single-Use-Masturbator with 2 love holes
✓ 20% bigger than the Double Hole Cup
✓ Smooth Pad insertion mechanism on both sides
✓ Prelubricated in both holes
✓ Pre-filled lube ring on both sides
✓ No additional lube needed
✓ Always ready to use
✓ Non-toxic
✓ Free of phthalates

Insertion Depth: approx. 18cm cm
Insertion Width: approx. 6 cm
Material: TPE (Sleeve, Phthalate-free), PE (Casing), PU (Lubricant Ring)


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