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Rave Poppers

by Push Poppers
7.90 EUR
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Content: 10 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4

Rave Poppers is an erotic scent for at home yet also perfect for any party. An immense boost for the modern man and the open-minded woman.

Once opened, the aroma spreads throughout the room and immediately increases your sexual appetite, sharpens sensations and improves your physical activities.

Rave is one of the hottest fragrances and leaves nothing to be desired. The vasodilator effect directs blood to where it's needed - your genitals - and spices up your wild games by increasing your sensitivity and animal instincts.

Your sensations become much more intense and you feel explosions of happiness.
This bottle is perfect for both beginners and advanced players: it stimulates you even more and releases a fragrance with euphoric and strong aphrodisiac effects!

This brand new poppers with explosive effects is guaranteed to drive everyone crazy!
  • very strong PP
  • with Power Pellet
  • immediate effects
  • for cruising
  • for BDSM
  • combinable
  • classic formula
  • bestseller


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