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Radikal Rush Poppers Pin

Manufacturer: Push Production
8.90 EUR
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Show your colours and let other connoisseurs know what you like!

With this Radikal Rush Poppers Pin you can show everyone in clubs, at parades as well as parties what your heart desires.

Made of high-quality black metal and refined with high-contrast, textured enamel, you will cause a stir for sure. The 1.18" (3 cm) pin is attached with a small needle. So you can easily upgrade all your clothes.
Thanks to the rubber clasp, this decorative piece stays in place at the chosen spot.

You are guaranteed to be approached by cute guys who will see the pin as a valid reason to start contact.
Either you meet like-minded people immediately or you can teach someone something new.

Of course, the pin, which is inspired by Radikal Rush Poppers, is also perfect as a gift or as an ideal identification mark for your next blind date.

It's entirely up to you to decide when and where you decide to wear the pin.
In any case, we hope you have many beautiful, memorable experiences!

Product details:
✓ 3 cm pin
✓ high-quality textured enamel layer
✓ stirdy black metal as base plate
✓ perfect for all your clothes
✓ ideal distinctive feature

Heigth: approx. 1.18" (3 cm)
Width: approx. 0.62" (1,57 cm)
Material: metal,enamel, rubber


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