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Poppers Booster Cap Large

Manufacturer: XTRM
19.90 EUR
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Experience a new way to enjoy and boost your poppers with the brand-new XTRM Poppers Booster Cap for Large bottles!

Just screw it on your bottle instead of the original cap and start your new poppers journey: the three air holes allow greater air circulation, making your aroma stronger, more potent and more effective! The booster also prevents you from getting in direct contact with the aroma or the bottle, so no more burns on your nose or skin! Look no further for the promise of an incredible experience everytime you screw the Booster Cap on!

The Large Booster Cap can be screwed on all 24ml bottles from Push Production as well as the new XXX Amsterdam, Triple B bottles (Bare, Bad, Boy), Triple F Bottles (Fist Red, Black, Silver), BareBuddy, Highrise Ultra Strong, Radikal Pentyl Poppers but not Skull, Rush Extreme and the aluminium poppers. If you want to use it with your small or large auminium bottles, look into the Small cap for 10 ml small bottles and the XL bottle cap for our exclusive 30 ml aluminium poppers.

To ensure maximum integrity of your poppers, the Booster Cap should not stay permanently on the bottle, as it does not prevent the poppers to evaporate, leak or spill. Keep out of the sunlight, heat and clea only with water.

Innerdiameter: approx. 20 mm


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