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Liquid Bliss - 50 ml

by Cobeco Pharma
17.90 EUR
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Content: 50 ml
Price per 1 litre: 358 EUR
Strong euforic stimulant; takes you to a higher level A bliss of emotions, warmth and a sensation of euphoria. Already within half an hour you will feel comfortable in a cosy womb of warmth that seems to cover you. From hereon you will experience the world from a different view, and enjoy everything you discover with amazement. With no less than fifteen different ingredients that make Liquid Bliss a sensation you do not want to miss out on.

How to use the Liquid Bliss:
Shake before use and take a quarter to half a bottle (12.5 to 25 ml) about 30 minutes before the desired effect. Do not drink more than one bottle in a period of 24 hours.

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