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Highrise City

Manufacturer: Lockerroom
10.90 EUR
incl. VAT. excl. shipping costs

Content: 30 ml
Hexyl Nitrite - CAS 638-51-7
Please note that the ingredient of this product has been changed from Pentyl to Hexyl by the manufacturer.

If you've always wanted to find the entrance to paradise, you don't have to look any further! With Highrise City Poppers, you'll quickly reach the peak of pleasure and indulge in endless ecstasy.

Even hotter sexual experiences, made possible by this new formula, become your everyday life and enhance it in the best sexy way.
Go all the way up to the penthouse of the erotic skyscraper with absolute passion.

Let your muscles relax and reduce inhibitions. Experience the most pleasant and intense sex of your life!

Sorry, this product is not available at the moment.

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